Charting a course through complex waters.

A city and its waterfront have a dynamic and complex relationship. Most American cities were founded on rivers, lakes, or shore fronts, but saw their connection to the water severed by heavy industry, freeways, and incomplete waterfront plans. Now, in the twenty-first century, industry has often moved away from the center city, and communities once again have the opportunity to reestablish their waterfronts as a place primarily for people.

Developing an urban waterfront generally involves an array of regulatory agencies, sensitive environmental issues, and diverse and vocal public opinions. A broad combination of land uses and activities must still be accommodated – parks and open spaces, industrial and marine facilities, restaurants, housing, office space. And all must function cohesively together.

That’s why the services of an experienced, strategic real estate team such as Leland Consulting Group are essential for any major urban waterfront project. We’ll help to bring your waterfront vision safely to shore.

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