Shaping experiences that transcend mere transactions.

It has been said that “retail is theater.” We’ll help you stage a great production – by combining a careful review of your area’s demographics, consumer preferences, and buying power with the latest retail formats.

Some requirements for successful retail remain constant: excellent visibility, accessibility, and location. Leland Consulting Group can help you understand how your location and site plan measure up.

On the other hand, no other land use changes as frequently or quickly as retail. In just the past few decades, shopping has shifted from department stores, to malls, to discount power centers, to lifestyle centers, to the internet, and now in many cases back to downtowns and main streets. Developers and public sector leaders should appreciate how the most recent changes – such as consumers’ search for authenticity and experience, and big box stores moving to urban locations – will affect their projects, before the curtain goes up.


Twin Falls, Idaho