The growing economic potential posed by America’s great interest in recreation presents an ever-changing target for communities and enterprising developers.

Leland Consulting Group can help pinpoint that target and translate it into development opportunities.

Leland Consulting Group offers superior recreation economics advisory services for private and public organizations. These services include market and financial analysis, project formulation, and planning for marketing and implementation. Leland Consulting Group has extensive experience in planning and analyzing recreation real estate development and public recreation facilities. The firm has developed a strong understanding of how to make a recreational development successful.

Successful recreation development requires a specialized type of economic insight that draws upon an understanding both of real estate economics and the more subtle elements of recreational or amenity attraction that define a successful project. In addition, most recreational development projects include attractions that are themselves major profit centers, such as golf courses, marinas, ski facilities, and the like. Principals of the firm have prepared market analyses, development programming and financial analyses for a large number of recreational real estate developments.

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