From Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk, we can help you build the best.

Once upon a time, the vision of housing in America was simple and predictable: three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and white picket fence on a half-acre lot.

But changes in consumer preferences and the country’s demographics now mean that housing can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: urban lofts, row houses, live-work units, second homes, apartments, fractionals and timeshares, mixed-use developments… and, oh yes, the traditional single-family home.

With all these innovations and new dimensions of housing, it’s imperative that public and private decision makers get the information they need to meet the fast-changing demand for a range of housing types. That’s where Leland Consulting Group comes in. We provide the latest research on economic and demographic trends, financial analysis, case studies, and the strategic thinking that brings it all together. Because whether you’re shaping Baltic Avenue or Boardwalk, your housing solution should fit the needs of all the players coming around the board.


Vancouver, Washington