A global economy, changing technology, and powerful demographic shifts are all combining to ensure that the future will not be like the past.

While economic development used to mean large employers, office, and industrial parks, 21st century economic development required broader investment in all assets of a community: its people, its businesses, its public places, and most notably, its brand. This includes attracting innovative businesses in growth sectors, employable talent in growing industries, quality and connected places in which people want to spend their time, and a distinct brand that differentiates the community.

Leland Consulting Group combines research on national market and development trends with a deep understanding of local conditions to identify public and private investments that will grow employment. In addition to developing comprehensive strategies, we actively identify opportunities as they arise and begin bringing parties together to bring actual investments in the ground.

employment centers

Silica Arboleda Rendering, San Miguel, Mexico (Photo Source: OJB Landscape Designs)