Developing a dynamic duo of downtowns and main streets.

Bright lights, ticker-tape parades, the clang of the streetcar, the hustle and bustle of shoppers and office workers – these are the images and sounds that defined American downtowns in the early and mid-twentieth century, only to fade in later decades as development moved to the suburbs.

But downtowns and the main streets in close-in neighborhoods have come roaring back across the country. The past decade has seen dramatic reinvestment in urban cores, led by young urbanites and downsizing baby boomers, who have added vitality and a considerable residential presence to what had long been employment centers.

For downtowns and main streets, the future is full of opportunities. And with experience working in more than 80 urban centers, Leland Consulting Group can help you capitalize on them. Large tracts of land still remain underutilized; residents are seeking dynamic urban retail and cultural destinations; and the jobs of the future must be made easily accessible. Ready? We’re heading downtown.

downtowns and main streets

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho