Making sure there’s more than just a road between points A and B.

In many respects, a community’s system of corridors is the final frontier. With literally hundreds of miles of heavily traveled arterials extending through most urban regions and deteriorating development lining much of the way, corridors pose a challenge for nearly every community.

Once the gateways to the communities they serve, commercial corridors in recent years have become a smorgasbord of incompatible uses and underdeveloped potential gone awry. They have often become eyesores.

That’s where the experts at Leland Consulting Group enter the picture. We have served as strategic advisors on more than 35 urban corridors – creating strategic plans, igniting redevelopment efforts, repositioning the role of the corridor, and restructuring corridors to better serve their communities.

We can help communities overcome barriers to corridor investment, identify the most promising locations to focus redevelopment efforts, and inspire public and private investors to see tremendous hidden potential.


Salem, Oregon