Are my properties being used optimally and do they support the mission of my organization, its employees, and the community?

Large public and private organizations often own hundreds, if not thousands, of individual properties, yet rarely have a strategic plan or goals that enable them to derive maximum value from those properties and ensure that they are supporting the organization’s mission and goals. In fact, many large organizations often do not even have comprehensive records of what they own.

Leland Consulting Group typically is able to provide strategic asset optimization strategies for public, private, and institutional organizations. The following tasks are often part of an asset management strategy:

  • Evaluating the portfolio in order to ensure that clients have a comprehensive understanding of their owned and leased real estate.
  • Assessing software solutions, which can significantly improve outcomes such as operating expenses, lease costs, and space utilization.
  • Defining goals, principles, and performance targets.
  • Recommending value-added disposition of surplus assets, which can include a holistic approach to creating value for the community.
  • Optimizing the value of core assets by achieving more efficient space utilization or recommending building improvements.
  • Analyzing lease-versus-own scenarios.

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