Can the public and private sectors really work together?

We think so. Our staff brings decades of experience developing partnership strategies and assisting in the implementation of some of the West’s most important public-private urban developments. From Seattle to San Diego, from Portland to St. Louis, our team understands the needs of the private and public sectors and the unique market, political, and financial contexts that shape public-private partnerships.

In order to be successful, these projects need to take advantage of each sector’s strengths. Public sector roles typically involve setting the vision, convening stakeholders, putting the right regulations in place, and making major infrastructure improvements. By contrast, private developers and investors take the majority of financial risks and build the “vertical” components of the place—homes, shops, and office space. All parties need to trust each other and be clear about roles and expectations.

Leland Consulting Group can help to establish the project vision, prepare developer solicitations/request for proposals, define each party’s role, and oversee project implementation.

public-private partnerships

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