What’s the market?

It’s a question that we get asked a lot. And it’s one reason that our focus is on market strategies rather than just market analysis.

A market analysis is an assessment of development opportunities intended to inform near-term investment decisions. Because supply and demand are constantly in flux as new buildings are built, markets adjust to new products, and financing and other conditions change, market analyses have a limited shelf life.

In contrast, a market strategy examines the area’s underlying real estate market fundamentals and the means (tools, public infrastructure, programs, partnerships, incentives, policies and other “levers”) that can enhance existing opportunities and create new ones in the near and long term. It emphasizes proactive approaches that the public and nonprofit sectors in particular can take to shape new conditions and opportunities. For example, a combination of regulatory changes, iconic public spaces, or significantly improved transportation infrastructure may be able to fundamentally alter the real estate dynamics of an urban market.

market strategies

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