We help clients envision and quantify development concepts.

Leland Consulting Group often works in multidisciplinary teams that include public agency staff, land use planners, developers, architects, and engineers in order to prepare development programs and concepts that respond to a client’s or a community’s aspirations while staying feasible in the marketplace.

A development program provides quantitative and narrative guidance for how a property or area can be developed or revitalized. The quantitative aspects of a development program often include essential metrics such as the number of housing units, amount of commercial space, acres of open space, building heights, market value, tax revenues, and other project elements. These numeric recommendations provide a baseline for other land use and design professionals to do their work.

But the brand and story behind the place is often just as important, if not more so. Leland Consulting Group can help you to understand who will patronize your project and what they’ll be looking for. Understanding the people helps the team go beyond the numbers to understand whether the project should feel edgy, exciting, fun, family-oriented, safe, glamorous, modern, a mix of these, or something more.

building and development conceptualization

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