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Southern Nevada Regional Growth Summits; Clark County and Jurisdictions, Nevada

Prior to joining Leland Consulting Group, Dave Siegel served as project manager/lead facilitator for this project. The Southern Nevada region is the fastest growing area in the country and is anticipated to double in size during the next 10 years. Regional jurisdictions, through the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC), began developing a Regional Policy Plan in 1999. As a follow-up to this overall, directional plan Dave and his team were asked to design and facilitate a series of Regional Growth Summits with elected officials from the region that would result in definitive actions and a plan for achieving them. Dave served as manager and lead facilitator for the successful, three-part summits, which culminated in identifying and prioritizing desired outcomes, regional initiatives, and next steps required to reach the desired outcomes. The final report was accepted by the SNRPC, has been approved by all of the individual jurisdictions (Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Clark County), and recommendations are in various stages of being carried out. This project is unique for the fact that the jurisdictions’ long-standing preference for local autonomy was put aside in order to address issues of regional and cross-boundary concern in order to achieve mutual environmental, land use, transportation, open space and economic objectives. In addition to facilitating the Summits, Dave’s signature contribution was the crafting of an incremental implementation strategy that specifically programmed the actions that each of the regional planning partners was to undertake within the first three years—a milestone of cooperation and collaboration.

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