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Courtesy of ZGF Architects
Courtesy of ZGF Architects

OMSI District Plan, Portland, Oregon

With ZGF Architects, Leland Consulting Group was engaged by OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) to create an inspiring, long-term master plan for their property and the surrounding district. OMSI is one of Oregon’s best-loved institutions, and is very well positioned to expand and inspire future generations. The museum is located on the Willamette River, and a new light rail line (opening 2015) will connect it even more directly to Downtown Portland and the rest of the Central City. The Master Plan work began in late spring 2013 and is currently underway; therefore, many details of the plan remain confidential. However, the plan does call for much improved access to the water, targeted expansions of OMSI museum and educational facilities, transportation and circulation improvements, and increased 24-hour activity throughout the district. Leland Consulting Group’s role is to advise on strategic real estate development issues including the market for various land uses, land values, public-private partnerships, appropriate regulation, and related issues.

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