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Northeast Gateway Plan, McMinnville, Oregon

Dave Siegel prior to joining Leland Consulting Group, was project manager, lead facilitator and principal-in-charge for the Northeast Gateway Plan, a short and long-term master plan for an underutilized area adjacent to downtown McMinnville. McMinnville’s Northeast Gateway neighborhood occupies a prime location northeast of downtown, and offers approximately 75 acres for potential redevelopment. With local industry in the project area shifting to other areas more suitable for these uses, the City found itself with an opportunity to create a new, close-in “east-end” neighborhood. The purpose of the project was to develop an infill and redevelopment plan addressing transportation needs and guiding future development to achieve an integrated, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood that efficiently used land and complemented surrounding development. The project’s market analysis focused on identifying a range of uses that will compliment the very successful downtown, not compete against it. Through interactive community participation, Dave’s team which included Chris Zahas of Leland Consulting Group as a key partner for economic strategy, worked with the City and its project partners to determine the appropriate vision for this neighborhood and provided an action plan specifying the direction, tools, and best management practices necessary to carry it out.

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