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Lake View Village, Lake Oswego, Oregon

For more than 20 years, the City of Lake Oswego struggled to develop a key vacant block at its “100 percent corner” as a vibrant mixed-use center. After several failed attempts at developing the site, Leland Consulting Group was retained by the City to “work in the middle” between the City and the current developer, helping both parties to reach agreement and to bring the matter to closure through a development and disposition agreement.

Leland Consulting Group assisted the City of Lake Oswego to revitalize its downtown using public-private partnerships, new urbanist principles and urban renewal tax increment financing. Negotiations between the City and the developer were completed in 2002 and the project, now known as Lake View Village, successfully opened in November 2003. Lake View Village is now the virtual heart of downtown Lake Oswego, with 44,000 square feet of retail, a public parking structure, and an active public plaza adjoining the lake.

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