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Courtesy of RMC Architects
Courtesy of RMC Architects

Everett Marina District Master Plan, Everett, Washington

In addition to the historic role that ports have played in the realm of economic development, urban ports are increasingly becoming involved with mixed-use development. The Port of Everett, Washington, owner and operator of the largest public marina on the west coast, is developing a large mixed-use in-water and upland community on its waterfront—now named “Waterfront Place.” Leland Consulting Group served as co-manager of the planning and pre-development process with RMC Architects. In addition to project management duties, Leland Consulting Group provided strategic planning, real estate development advisory services, market research and market strategies, extensive project programming, and financial analyses for the mixed-use, multiphase, public-private partnership.

Since completion of the master plan, the Port of Everett has made a number of key infrastructure improvements in roads, sidewalks, and utilities; park and open space expansions; and received proposals from developers seeking to build mixed use projects on the site.

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