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Downtown Portland Retail Analysis, Portland, Oregon

Leland Consulting Group served as advisor to the Mayor of Portland and a diverse group of downtown stakeholders to design a retail strategy for Portland’s downtown. In addition to the usual market research, leakage analysis, sales patterns, and other background information, Leland Consulting Group examined emerging trends in retail and anchor tenants seeking expansion opportunity into new markets. This evaluation resulted in a set of detailed case studies of successful “Signature Retail Streets” in Pasadena, Vancouver BC, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago, revealing critical conditions necessary for signature streets to succeed, and how to apply those principles against conditions in Portland so that weaknesses could be mitigated.

The firm also provided advisory services to the Mayor about the need for concentrated and dedicated management of the downtown retail environment and ongoing recruitment of new retailers while helping to strengthen existing retailers. Portland’s retail has, as a result of the strategy, moved from a recovery phase into an expansion phase.

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