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Downtown Housing and Revitalization Initiative, Boise, Idaho

Leland Consulting Group has maintained a long-term relationship as a strategic development advisor to the City of Boise, through the Capital City Development Corporation, its urban renewal and redevelopment agency. These strategic services have all focused on the revitalization of the downtown core and its adjacent neighborhoods through the introduction of new housing and the creation of vibrant mixed-use districts.

A core project in Leland Consulting Group’s efforts included a detailed housing strategy to identify the short and long-term potential market for urban housing in downtown Boise. This technical research was matched with a broader initiative of workshops with local private developers and lenders; opportunity site analyses for several downtown districts; and public-private development strategies to guide public investments and actions. Over 1,000 housing units have been built or are entitled for development. One of Leland Consulting Group’s critical tasks in this effort was to overcome local perceptions about building and living downtown and to demonstrate through empirical and anecdotal evidence that the market was strong and profitable.

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