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DAS Real Estate Services, State of Oregon

Leland Consulting Group has assisted with strategy, consulting advice, evaluations, and other services in support of the DAS mission. Our firm has served as advisor and consultant to the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Department of Human Services (DHS), and the Attorney General’s office regarding the disposition of select surplus State-owned properties.

Three surplus properties where Leland Consulting Group played a key role include disposition of the former Dammasch State Mental Hospital in Wilsonville (now the Villebois mixed-use community), the Fairview Training Center in Salem, and State-owned properties surrounding the prisons in East Salem (now the Mill Creek Corporate Center). The context surrounding each of the properties was unique, and therefore Leland Consulting Group worked with DAS to craft a unique approach tailored to the planning and disposition of each property. In each case, such a customized solution was necessary in order to create partnerships with key external stakeholders including the Cities of Salem and Wilsonville, and to maximize the asset’s value.

The team continues to provide strategic planning for State agencies, including a preliminary reuse strategy for the Oregon State Hospital (OSH) North Campus in Salem; and a real estate strategy for the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) workspace with SERA Architects for space planning and interior architecture recommendations for greater cost savings.

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