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Bend Central Area Plan, Bend, Oregon

Leland Consulting Group under the direction of Chris Zahas, led the economic and market strategies for the Central Area Plan, a short and long-term strategic action plan for the historic downtown core and surrounding districts of Bend. The plan’s consultant team project manager was Dave Siegel of Parametrix, now with Leland Consulting Group. At the time of the plan’s inception, Bend was one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities, which helped support a healthy downtown with retail, restaurants, and new housing. However, the rapid rate of growth while preserving its historic character. Leland Consulting Group’s Chris Zahas was the lead market analyst for the project and identified catalyst development sites, market strategies, phasing strategies, public-private partnerships, and financing plans for the downtown core and the Third Street Corridor, each of which has a unique set of challenges and opportunities to attracting investment.

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