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Aloha-Reedville Study and Community Livabilty Plan, Washington County, Oregon

For many years, the unincorporated Aloha-Reedville area has not seen the same levels of robust economic growth and high-quality infrastructure investment as other parts of Washington County. Aloha-Reedville is a community undergoing considerable change, with needs ranging from basic community amenities—improving sidewalks, intersections, street lighting, and parks, as well as more structural challenges such as increasing employment opportunities and improving the diversity and affordability of housing. Seeking to address these issues, in 2011, Washington County received a Sustainable Communities Challenge Grant and initiated a three-year planning and community engagement process with the assistance of Leland Consulting Group. Leland Consulting Group evaluated economic and housing conditions in the area and recommended public actions to achieve a more connected, livable, equitable, and economically vibrant community. In addition, the team led the preparation of a Town Center Framework Plan for the Aloha Town Center, providing the foundation for future refinement planning efforts, once resources are available. The planning effort resulted in a broad range of implementing actions, and the programming and execution of these actions is currently underway.

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