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Kettlestone Mixed-use Neighborhood Planning and Design, Waukee, Iowa

(Formerly Alice’s Road Corridor Planning and Design)

Leland Consulting Group conducted a detailed market analysis to support the master planning of over 1,300 acres of land in Waukee, Iowa, a fast-growing community in the Des Moines area. For years, the Alice’s Road Corridor has been a top economic development priority for the City of Waukee. With future access to Interstate 80 through a new interchange, the corridor offers the City of Waukee an opportunity to invest in the economic sustainability of the region and create opportunities for new industry and job growth. The market analysis considered commercial and residential land uses and identified strategies to differentiate the development from competitive communities and to capitalize on Waukee’s existing assets. Subsequent to the market analysis, Leland Consulting Group completed a detailed fiscal impact analysis to identify likely revenues and tax impacts that could support the development of key infrastructure. As a result, construction for the Kettlestone Mixed-use Neighborhood is underway.

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